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About Us

We exist as the interface between the critical heavy machinery that builds the modern world and the hardworking professionals that use and maintain that machinery.  We do this by aggresively innovating connected technology that utilizes the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

What is Reliability Engineering?

Reliability Engineering is the science of understanding how a machine operates at a deep level. Using our technological expertise, we approach each problem with a clinical mindset: taking a problem and working backwards to understand its' cause, and providing the most effective means of fixing that problem.


Meet the Team

Fritz Ogden


Fritz Ogden is a founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Nexus Reliability, LLC.


Fritz is a passionate leader who enjoys working with a diverse team to solve problems through bold and imaginative thinking. He has a track record of delivering customer-centric solutions that perform exceptionally well. He previously managed the research & development laboratory of a reliability engineering firm.

He also brings an extremely diverse skillset to the team, ranging from training in leadership and ethical management practices to competencies in lubricant chemistry analysis, high performance design and fabrication for off-road automotive applications, and emergency medicine.

Chas Ogden


Chas Ogden is a founder and the Chief Technology Officer of Nexus Reliability, LLC.


He specializes in Mechanical and Mechanical/Electrical systems design, testing, and manufacturing. He is a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering Dept. at the University of Wyoming, and has extensive experience engineering and implementing innovative turnkey connectivity solutions. His interest is in identifying and addressing difficult technical problems that require collaboration across a wide variety of technical disciplines.

Chas’ unrivaled technical vision, adaptability, and ability to connect with customers creates a powerful environment for collaboration and problem solving.  An accomplished machinist and mechanic, Chas brings a host of practical, field-ready design methodologies to NexRel. He has an outstanding track record of excellence in project design and execution.

Jacob Kirkland

COO, Computer Scientist

Jake Kirkland is a founder and the Chief Operations Officer of Nexus Reliability, LLC.

He is a graduate of the University of Wyoming Computer Science program and has comprehensive experience in mobile app development for both Android and Apple. He is passionate about the development of future technologies, the fabrication of electronic devices, and is well versed in software development and troubleshooting.

Jake is intimately involved in day to day operations and brings a methodical approach to the team that enables efficient, successful project completion. He utilizes his skills to ensure Nexus operations are managed with confidence and competence.

Our Advisors

Has been a key sales force member of multiple $1B+ tech companies such as Dell, Lenovo, and Hewlett & Packard. Worked in Startup environments as well as large multinational corporations. Instrumental in developing a focused purpose-driven marketing plan that is helping to share our passion for machine reliability with our customers.

Audrey Sandahl

Also a veteran entrepreneur with experience in diverse leadership positions. Proven track record of taking companies from the concept stage all the way through to their Initial Pubic Offerings. Expertise in equity & debt capital acquisition, financial consulting, mergers & acquisitions, as well as international operations.

Jim Kelly

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